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Rose Keith, over 20 years experience as Vancouver ICBC  personal injury claims, car accidents lawyer - click for her  website Bruce Lemer, over 30 years personal  ICBC Injury claims disputes trial experience in Metro Vancouver, office on Cambie St. in Gas Town

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Sandra Banister QC Queens Counsel has over 30 years experience  with  Personal injury and ICBC  claims disputesElliot Holden, lawyer , in Nov. 2013, joins Z. Philip Wiseman, senior Injury lawyer  and Stuart Davies, former ICBC case manager ,  in  personal injury law firm  2 blocks from Vancouver General Hospital Emergency Dept. entrance, photo ICBC claims - Chinese text from Wiseman law corp with experienced staff and use of translators CLICK FOR MORE INFO IN CHINESE 中 文普 通 话
Edward Bowes, LLB LLM 38 years experience - personal injury, ICBC  claims fr. car accidents   & family-divorce lawyer  in downtown Vancouver, Granville St.Rose Keith, downtown Vancouver, Personal Injury lawyer for TBI brain injuries, pain and suffering, orthopedic problems etc.Bruce Lemer, downtown Vancouver, BC, Personal Injury fr car accidents , ICBC insurance claims,  medical malpractice, pioneer Canada Red Cross tainted blood class actions lawyer, Dil Gosal,  JD LLM ICBC personal injury  &nd pain and suffering claims and Criminal Defense Lawyer in Surrey, Punjabi speakingMona Chan, lawyer who is fluent in Chinese PRC Mandarin and  Cantonese  英 语     中 文    普 通 话   廣 東 話 -   for pain and suffering, personal injury & ICBC car accident disputes  click for more infoGordon Zenk, ICBC personal injury claims lawyer in Port Moody Shelina Shariff, JD, Personal Injury, slip and fall insurance, ICBC disputes laywer , speaks Urdu Hindi &  English   व्यक्तिगत चोट वकील  and  also has working familiarity with:  Gujarati  ગુજરાતી , Spanish and Punjabi languages.Greg Calder, downtown Vancouver ICBC claims lawyer with Jeffery &  Calder 30 years personal injury trial expereince
Sandra Banister, QC, downtown Burrard St. Vancouver, Personal Injury  ICBC claims from car accidents injuies & employment law lawyerZ. Philip Wiseman, Vancouver, near V.G.H., Personal Injury, ICBC claims lawyer, Broadway office by VGHCharlotte Salomon, BA JD, ICBC claims for car accidents causing personal injury -  lawyer in downtown Victoria, BC - CLICK FOR MORE INFOMichael Mark, personal injury, icbc claims lawer Michael  O'Connor, QC, Queens Counsel -  experienced personal injury, e.g  brain injury - ICBC claims lawyer in downtown VictoriaLorenzo Oss-Cech, personal injury, brain injury from car accidents and  ICBC disputes over settlements -  Victoria lawyerBarriu Marlatt, former president of Victoria Head Injury Assocation, experienced in whole range of personal injury icbc claims - click for more info1`Kenneth Learn, ICBC personal injury claims lawyer based in Burnaby & Metro Vancouver

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Rose Keith, ICBC Car Accidents and Personal Injury from whiplash to brain injury disputes Lawyer  in downtown Vancouver BC

Rose Keith, BA JD

click for Rose Keith talking about brain injury litigation

RoseKeith.bc.ca 20+ years in ICBC injury disputes, experienced with traumatic brain injuries · Medical Malpractice · Employment Law. 

Home & hospital meetings available. 
Call for consultation 
1486 West Hastings St., Vancouver, BC V6G 3J6
Phone: 604.800.4319
Toll Free: 888.893.6134
Web site: www.rosekeith.bc.ca
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slip and fall caution floor signs in Vancouver supermarket with Rose  Keith, personal injury lawyer photo  CLICK TO ARTICLE on slip and fall injuries

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Bruce Lemer, over 30 years ICBC personal injury claims disputes for children and adults e.g whiplash, spine and brain TBI injuries - trial experience in Metro Vancouver,

Bruce Lemer, LLB

Over 30 years as an ICBC injury claims lawyer - Bruce Lemer has represented people throughout B.C. with a wide variety of serious motor vehicle injuries.  His clients have received settlements or judgements for:

An experienced personal injury lawyer is necessary to ensure you obtain appropriate damages for your injury, care and lost earnings.

Bruce is also experienced with: Motorbike accidents, Medical malpractice-negligence & Consumer class actions e.g. Red Cross tainted blood class action

Bruce Lemer, downtown Vancouver, BC, Personal Injury, ICBC insurance claims,  medical malpractice, pioneer Canada Red Cross tainted blood class actions lawyer, Home & hospital meetings are available

Bruce W. Lemer,
540 - 220 Cambie St.,
Vancouver, B.C.  V6B 2M9
Get in touch with us right away by calling 604.642.6363
Web: BruceLemer.com

More Downtown Vancouver Lawyers

Edward Bowes, LLB LLM 38 years experience - personal injury, ICBC  claims fr. car accidents   & family-divorce lawyer  in downtown Vancouver, Granville St.

Edward Bowes, LLB LLM

Has over 38 years of experience in I.C.B.C. injury claims. 
"If you have been in a Motor Vehicle accident involving a motor vehicle, motorcycle, bicycle or if you were a pedestrian, you need an PERSONAL INJURY CLAIMS LAWYER with life experience as well as legal experience to help you deal with your insurance claim.

I have been practicing personal injury law for more than 35 years and I perform all services personally without shifting your file to a junior.

I am pleased to reduce your stress at this difficult time. Let me handle your insurance claim while you focus on what is most important, namely, your health.

It is important to know your rights, to obtain the full benefit of the insurance coverage you have paid for, and to get a fair and appropriate settlement or judgment for the injuries you have suffered.

If you choose to retain me, you will pay no fees from your pocket. My fees are a small percentage of your recovery and will be collected from the proceeds of your settlement or judgment.

Edward Bowes, LLB LLM 38 years experience - personal injury, ICBC  claims fr. car accidents   & family-divorce lawyer  in downtown Vancouver, Granville St. Let me take care of everything for you.  I have a long history of success in handling a variety or personal injury accidents and I have had many successful settlements and judgments.

The earlier the advice, the more effectively it can be implemented.  Contact us today." [quote fr. www.edboweslaw.com/icbc-injury-claims]

Edward Bowes
Suite 302 -- 543 Granville St.,
Vancouver, B.C., V6C 1X8,
Phone: 604-817-5323
Web: EdBoweslaw.com

Sandra Banister, QC Queens Counsel, Vancouver Personal Injury Lawyer for ICBC claims disputes over 30 years experience

Sandra Banister, LLB QC

Sandra has 30+ years experience in personal injury disputes against ICBC.  She is also well known as a labor & employment lawyer.

Experienced with MVA injuries involving cars, motorbikes & cyclists, resulting in head-brain injuries, paraplegia, quadriplegia, bone fractures, and soft tissue injuries including whiplash etc.

Banister and Company,
#670 - 355 Burrard St. ( The Marine Building ) Vancouver, BC, V6C 2G8

Phone: 604.662.7276 
Toll-Free: 1.877.662.7276
Web site: Banisterlaw.com
Lawyers-BC profile
Photo of Sandra Banister, QC Queens Counsel, with Marine Building where her office is located on Burrard St., , has 30plust years personal injury and employment law experience  CLICK TO HER WEBSITE

Vancouver, West Broadway Office Near VGH Hospital

Philip Wiseman, JD - ICBC injury disputes lawyer - 2 blocks fr. Vancouver General Hospital offices over 25 years experience Elliot Holden , in Nov. 2013, joins Z. Philip Wiseman and Stuart Davies in  personal injury law firm  2 blocks from Vancouver General Hospital Emergency Dept. entrance, photo

Z. Phillip Wiseman, JD, ICBC injury claims - law office 2 blocks from Vancouver General Hospital (VGH)

Injured in a car accident? Feeling alone? Unsure what to do?

ICBC is interested in giving you as little as possible.  ICBC does not represent your interests once you are hurt in an accident and will pressure you into taking an unjust settlement.  You need someone on your side to ensure your rights are respected and you get a fair settlement.

For more than 25 years, Vancouver personal injury lawyer Z. Philip Wiseman has been helping clients get the compensation they deserve - his team have the experience to help you.

We offer services in many languages, including: English, Cantonese, Mandarin, Polish, Vietnamese & Korean.
Our team includes assistants fluent in Mandarin and Cantonese  wokring with our personal injury lawyers - CLICK TO CHINESE LANGUAGE PROFILE for Mandarin and Cantonese readers中 文

#401 - 777 West Broadway,
Vancouver, BC V5Z 4J7 
Tel:  604.873.8446
Web: zpwlawcorp.com Lawyers-BC Profile: Z. P. Wiseman

由Philip Wiseman大律師辦理超過36年豐富經驗、 擅長於辦理個人損傷索償、 同時亦精於辦理汽車意外、 因有人疏忽而導致之滑倒受傷、 以及有關行人、 巴士及的士個案操華語經驗顧陪同律師與閣下豬個案、 查詢請聯絡: Z。 Philip Wiseman Law Corporation曹金芳Kim Tao( 廣東語) 《 Personal Injury Lawyers》 604-873-8446 Cel: 778-288-5191( 晚上及周末) # 401-777 West Broadway, Vancouver, BC.

Mona Chan, Vancouver lawyer who is fluent in Chinese PRC Mandarin and  Cantonese, able to personally serve clients without using an interpretor


Speaks fluent Chinese Mandarin & Cantonese & English

英 语 · 中 文 · 普 通 话 · 廣 東 話

  • Plaintiff's personal injury lawyer
  • ICBC injury claims disputes

Law and Associates Law Corp.
Suite 1700 - 808 Nelson Street
Box 12148 - Nelson Square
Vancouver, BC
Canada   V6Z 2H2

Phone:  604-682-6868
Email  lawyer:  MonaChan@lawandassociates.ca

Website: www.LawAndAssociates.ca

Greg Calder, downtown, Hornby St. Vancouver ICBC claims fr. whiplash spianl and brain personal injuries lawyer with Jeffery &  Calder


Experienced with plaintiffs' only ICBC Personal Injury Cases since 1986.  "He has handled claims involving brain injury, death, amputations, paralysis, fractures and soft tissue injuries arising from a wide variety of circumstances such as swimming pool accidents, car crashes, falling objects, assaults, professional negligence, skiing accidents, slips and falls and injuries that have occurred as a result of faulty products." (quote 2012.10.28)

See his profile at jefferycalder.com/pg2our.html

Jeffery and Calder
601-815 Hornby Street,
Vancouver, B.C.  V6Z 2E6
Tel:  604-669-5534.

Port Moody, Coquitlam & Burnaby Lawyers

ICBC Personal Injury Claims  fr. car and motorcycle accidents lawyer Gordon Zenk,
Shelina Shariff,
BSc., JD &
Kenneth Learn BSc (Hons), LLB

Kenneith Learn, personal injury lawyer with Learn Zenk, is well known in Burnaby

Kenneth Learn, brings 37 years of experience to personal injury clients.

LearnZenk.com serve Burnaby, Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam & Metro Vancouver from their Port Moody offices.

Ms. Shariff, speaks Urdu Hindi & English  व्यक्तिगत चोट वकील  and also has working familiarity with:  Gujarati ગુજરાતી , Spanish and Punjabi languages.

Gordon Zenk, is an avid motorcyclist, with 24 years experience in personal injury, ICBC car accident claims, as well as family law.  He also has a familiarity with spoken German. 

Call for a free consultation!  Home & hospital visits available.

Learn Zenk
403 - 130 Brew Street,
Port Moody, BC
V3H 0E3
Telephone:  604.949.1655
Website: LearnZenk.com

SURREY, BC & Metro Vancouver

Dil Gosal,, JD LLM experienced personal injury and criminal defense lawyer, fluent in PUnjabi, serves Surrey and Metro Vancouver Dil Gosal, BA, JD, LLM

ICBC injury claims lawyer & Criminal Defense Lawyer
Dil's practice includes:  personal injury, ICBC claims disputes, DUI impaired driving, dangerous driving, & criminal negligence driving charges in BC & Washington State.  Legal training includes a Master of Laws Degree fr. New York State University.

Dil is fluent in English and Punjabi.

Cross-Border Lawyer Dil Gosal is licensed as criminal defense and personal injury attorney in Washington State & in BC.  See GosalLaw com eg. on DUI / IRP Roadside Suspension Appeals Lawyer or assault charges
Grandview Corners Offices
250, 2411-160th Street,
South Surrey, B.C.
Canada, V3W 3A8
Tel:  604.719.1360
Email: WABCLawyers@aol.com


Web Site:  GosalLaw.com

Also serving
Surrey, BC

Surrey personal injury & ICBC injuries claims disputes lawyers  Greig and Aldana

Barrister & Solicitor

RENÉE ALDANA, BA, LLB Barrister & Solicitor

· Family Law Services

· Personal Injury ICBC Claims Disputes

"If you have been injured in a car accident, it is important to consult a lawyer promptly.  It is in your best interest not to make a statement to ICBC until after you have done that.  If you have been injured as a motorist, cyclist, or pedestrian, your initial interview with us is free." See more information at southcoastlaw.ca/services

#6,  15243 - 91st Avenue
Surrey, B.C., V3R 8P8
Tel:  604-496-5096
Web: www.southcoastlaw.ca


Michael Mark, personal injury, icbc claims lawer

· McConnan Bion O'Connor Peterson Law Corp.
Michael Mark, LLB; Michael O'Connor, QC; F. Allan Melvin, Hon.; Charlotte Salomon, BA JD Dirk Rynevald, QC

Lorenzo Oss-Cech, personal injury, brain injury, ICBC disputes Victoria lawyer

· Hutchison Oss-Cech Marlatt, Barristers & Solicitors
Lorezno Oss-Cech, BSc, LLB;  Barri Marlatt, LLB;  Misty Hillard, LLB;  Robert Hutchison, Hon.  Dana Quantz, JD

· Sinclair Mar, LLB

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  • Insurance Corporation of BC Web Site:
    Car & Motorbike Insurance ICBC.com

  • Work place Injuries covered by WCB , Workers' Compensation Board of BC WorkSafeBC.com

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